Apple’s explosive iPhone sales are not sustainable (obviously)

Apple has sold more than 750 million iPhones to date.

Seven-hundred-fifty-MILLION (I’m feeling the urge to put my pinky up, Dr. Evil style).

Yeah, Apple is on pace to sell a billion iPhone devices in less than 10 years and that’s simply incredible. BUT, something good  always come to an end, right? It looks like their year-over-year growth is steadily decreasing despite the introduction of two larger iPhones which really begs the question: since the majority of Apple’s revenue comes from their iPhone sales, has Apple somewhat peaked? Or can they really become the first publicly listed company to pass a trillion in market cap? Does Apple have an ace under their sleeve in the Apple Watch? Does the AW have the potential to step in and be the new iPhone for Apple?

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 9.16.55 PM

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