Defense wins titles. PERIOD.

Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur has 17 combined clean sheets together this season. Oh what’s that? Chelsea has 17 by themselves?

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Here’s all of the teams in the EPL sorted by the number of clean sheets. Click to enlarge.

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The true surprise? West Bromwich. Yay Tony Pulis!

Was 2014-15 Ki Sung-yueng’s best season in his career?

At Swansea City A.F.C, Ki Sung-yueng has had some ups-and-downs. His debut season was proper but forgettable, and his subsequent season wasn’t even with Swansea (he was loaned to Sunderland but thrived under Poyet).

But that’s the past. A distant memory.

This season, Ki has solidified his place with Swansea, and in the process justified Gary Monk’s decision to keep him at Swansea. With three games to go in the EPL, Ki has thus far scored the most goals and made the most appearances in his EPL career. He’s also apparently one of the leading candidates to win the player of the year (POTY) for Swansea. Oh how things quickly change…

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Some of his goals this season were very important goals as well; two of which were against Manchester United. LvG, you mad?